Thursday, August 31, 2017

Today is a good day to get an Amazon Prime membership

For months now, Amazon has been teasing us with DARK SHADOWS offerings on its Prime service. During the summer, the company added four scattered DVD collections of the series to Prime Video, as well as the two "best of" collections, "Dark Shadows: The Haunting of Collinwood" and "Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse." They were welcome additions to Amazon's catalog, to be sure. But was it enough to justify a Prime membership? Probably not.

That might have just changed. Now streaming on Amazon Prime are the first 17 DVD collections of the series, as well as two collections of "Dark Shadows: The Beginning," taken from the first 200 "Pre-Barnabas" episodes of the series. All told, this represents more than 750 episodes of DARK SHADOWS, taking you from the introduction of Jonathan Frid as "Barnabas Collins," right up through the entire 1897 story arc and David Selby as "Quentin Collins." (The collection even touches a little on "The Leviathans" arc.) Unless I've missed something during the last few years, the is the single biggest catalog of DARK SHADOWS videos that's ever been offered (legally) online.

Take a look for yourself at Amazon's Prime listings for DARK SHADOWS right HERE. Try not to cry with joy.

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