Monday, July 24, 2017

Dark Shadows DVD set for sale at Amazon for $10,000

Two weeks ago, Dark Shadows: The Complete Series (the DVD "coffin set") was on sale for a few hours at Amazon for $265. Today, it's available at the same online retailer for the low, low price of $9,999.99. What gives?

Well, it's probably not time to panic. When you see these fantastically insane prices at Amazon, it's almost always a sign that the product is simply out of stock from all available vendors. Rather than update online inventory whenever a product is temporarily out of stock, some vendors will use bots to quietly boost their price point above their competitors. The idea here is to keep you from ordering something that's out of stock. After all, why would someone order the most expensive item when there are identical units for sale at the same site?

When everybody sells out, though, the bots go on a rampage. Prices expand rapidly as the bots compete to stay ahead of the other vendors in hopes that nobody orders anything, leaving us gifts like a $10,000 price tag for a $300 (give or take) product.

I've got my concerns that Dark Shadows: The Complete Series will go out of print someday, but it doesn't appear that that day has arrived. Over at MPI Home Video's website, you can still grab a set for $375. That's not quite the bargain that Amazon was offering a few weeks ago, but certainly better than $10,000.

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