Monday, May 1, 2017

Angelique, Samantha and Circe team-up in "Witchcraft"

My previous post on Walpurgisnacht got a little link heavy, so I didn't include this video for Book of Love's 1989 song, "Witchcraft." I was also a little concerned that people had grown tired of hearing about me ramble on about this song, which is a Who's Who of pop culture witchery. A quick search shows that I've never actually mentioned the song here at the website, which is surprising. But it' also offers the opportunity to talk about a fun little song from the '80s that I like.

The lyrics to "Witchcraft" include nods to everything from the television show BEWITCHED, Richard Wagner "Götterdämmerung" opera, Greek mythology and, as you've probably guessed, DARK SHADOWS. It won't change your life, but it might bring a smile to your face.

If you've never heard the song, I won't spoil the reference for you. (It's not subtle, though: three characters from DARK SHADOWS get mentioned by name.) I'd be curious to know about the band's relationship to the series, though. Book of Love hailed from New York, which has been the place to be for DARK SHADOWS fans since the show was originally on the air. It's possible they were fans of the show as children, but they might also have discovered it though syndication revivals during the 1980s ... which were struggling to hang on by the time "Witchcraft" was recorded.

You can listen to "Witchcraft" below. The 1989 single release was backed by a remix called "Enchantra," which grafts much of the song's lyrics into a fragmented structure that I don't love. If you like the original tune, consider buying it on Amazon HERE. These sales links go toward keeping the lights on at the CHS.

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