Monday, October 31, 2016

Zombie Run: The Final Frontier


I had some tough choices to make last weekend. There was the DARK SHADOWS marathon on Decades, which would have offered some fun opportunities to interact with other fans online. Loreena McKennitt was in town, a performer I've loved for almost (yikes!) 20 years now. There was an advance screening of Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE available to me, and a ton of other Halloween-themed events taking place nearby. The stars didn't just align as last weekend ... they dogpiled.

In the end, I opted to trade those opportunities for the chance to dress as a Star Trek zombie in Perry, Georgia. It was part of this year's Zombie Run, a "zombie infested" 5K that takes place at an expansive training center for emergency personnel. The course is pretty challenging, taking runners though hills, multi-story buildings, a flood zone and roads littered with wrecked vehicles. To make things more interesting, runners also have to evade dozens of zombies along the way. Runners wear four red flags attached to their waist with Velcro. If zombies manage to take all four of a runner's flags before finishing the course, they become one of the "infected."

This year, our team opted to play as zombies ... which was a lot more challenging that it sounds. We essentially spent a few hours doing wind sprints as we tried to grab the flags from runners of all shapes and sizes. Our theme for this year? Zombie "Red Shirts" from the original STAR TREK television series. That's our team at the top of the post. You can probably guess which one I am.

After our shift was over, we took a walk around part of the course to see what all we missed. I managed to grab a few dozen photos along the way, which I've uploaded to the MONSTER SERIAL Facebook page. You can take a gander at them by clicking HERE or browse them below. Enjoy!

Photos from this year's Zombie Run festivities.
Posted by Monster Serial on Monday, October 31, 2016

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