Tuesday, July 12, 2016

PODCAST: Shadows on the Stage

From left, Big Finish's Matthew Waterhouse, Robert Dick and David Darlington.

Last month on the weekend of the Dark Shadows 50th Anniversary, hundreds of fans got together with original series cast members to celebrate the occasion.

Big Finish Productions Dark Shadows audio range Co-Producer David Darlington, Production Assistant Robert Dick (that’s me!) and range actor/writer Matthew Waterhouse were in attendance to promote the range, meet the fans, and launch the anniversary releases “Blood & Fire” and “Echoes of the Past.”

In the first of this week’s two podcasts from the event, we present the full panel from the Saturday afternoon - when Big Finish took center stage for half an hour.

Sound quality will vary due to the live recording.

Find Us Online:
Big Finish: www.bigfinish.com, @darkshadowsbfp and @bigfinish
David Darlington: @deejsaint
Robert Dick: @RobertDick
The Collinsport Historical Society: @cousinbarnabas

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