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The Dark Shadows Daybook: JUNE 10


JUNE 10, 1968
Taped on this date: Episode 512

Barnabas slumps in chains, half walled-up by the ghost of Trask, who intends for him to feel the suspense of waiting to die. Elsewhere, Sam Evans confirms how amazing Adam is to have jumped from Widow’s Hill as well as master new words he’s never been taught. Sam has taken Adam under his wing and is teaching him basic speech. Can Adam realize creativity? Adam becomes outraged for seemingly no reason. Meanwhile, Barnabas awakens and yells for help that will never hear him. It’s that anguish that Adam feels, specifically in his wrist, going so far as to say, “Barnabas hurt” in front of Sam. Adam panics as Joe enters, strikes him down, and runs out. Joe learns that Adam has been here for days, and Joe explains exactly how dangerous Adam is. Sam counters that Adam is afraid and innocent. Joe realizes that this is the man who kidnapped Carolyn. Sam responds that he also saved her life. He needs friendship, not enmity. Sam reveals Adam’s last words and wonders if Barnabas is in danger. Joe thinks the opposite is true and that Adam may intend to harm Barnabas. He rushes off to stop him, but no one answers the door at the Old House, despite Barnabas’ pleas. Trask appears and decides to put Barnabas on trial by his own victims. But what of Trask’s victims? The subject is skipped. His jury? The ghost of Jeremiah. Ruby Tate. Maud Browning, from a watery grave. Suki Forbes. Nathan Forbes. Ezra Simpson, a criminal and a traitor, will serve as judge. The trail shall begin! Barnabas pleads innocent. He was the first victim and not in control. Forbes is the first witness. He tells the court that both he and Suki were strangled to death by Barnabas. The same with Ruby Tate and Maud Browning. As Barnabas tries to cross examine, Forbes walks away and the jury has reached a verdict. Guilty! Punishable by Death of Being Bricked Behind a Wall. (LIke in Kentucky.) Julia hears that cackling of Trask, but he vanishes as she enters the cellar. She gasps when she sees the wall bricked back.

What a show! This has it all. Know someone who says the program is boring? Don’t show them this episode. Are they really your friend? No. Find a friend with a sense of wonder, instead, and show THEM this episode. With an unusually large cast and the last appearance of Jane Draper as Suki Forbes. This is one of those episodes where they knew they had to compete with all of a kids' pleasures of summer. Beats any pool I've gone to.

JUNE 10, 1969
Taped on this date: Episode 779

Barnabas, in the wake of Dirk's death, feels far more confident than he has in some time. There is no vampire loose at Collinwood, as far as the public is concerned. Barnabas goes to the mausoleum, but Carl gets there first, having been told by Pansy that it is where he would find a vampire. Barnabas goes to the graveyard to pay tribute to Rachel Drummond, another Josette he has lost. Angelique interrupts him. He tries to depart, but she explains that he might become trapped in the past; she can take him back to his own time. He is too close, he says, to saving David and Chris. Angelique says it is his last chance. She just implores him to forget about the past and trust him. But she thinks he would rather face horror than forgive her sins and work with her. He departs as the cock crows. He takes refuge in the crypt monitored by Carl, who sees the door open to the secret room. Seeing him open his coffin, Carl knows that Barnabas is the vampire. In the drawing room, Quentin greets Magda back from her mission to King Johnny. Magda is silent when asked what happened; he's too drunk for his news. Beaten down by his demands, she asks him to wait until the full moon. Then, she may perform a ceremony that will help, using the Hand of Count Petofi! Magda's motivation? She lies about the children and says it was in recognition of Jenny's love. Carl bursts in, demanding Quentin. Magda leaves telling Quentin that Barnabas wants him at dusk. Carl again relates his dream of Pansy and vampires and Barnabas. Despite the distraction of Dirk, this the real alpha vampire. Quentin suddenly finds that the Barnabas explanation clears too many things up. He and Carl will go the mausoleum. Quentin is tortured by his only hope being a vampire, ripe for a killing. Carl opens the secret door. There, they find the coffin. Quentin takes Carl's gun and lifts the lid. Quentin closes it, rather than shoot him. Quentin has a choice. He'll kill Carl if he runs. Quentin locks him in the secret room until dusk. Carl shrieks in fear. At the Old House, Quentin finds no marks on Magda, but knows that she is her slave. He won't tell about Barnabas, but Carl might. Magda summons Angelique for help. Magda knows she loves Barnabas and that Barnabas needs him because of Carl's impending death. But if Angelique wipes him memory? Angelique refuses. Barnabas will learn a lesson. Carl frets as night approaches. Suddenly, he finds the staircase trigger that opens the door and runs, vowing they'll get him tonight!

John Karlen clearly knows that his most interesting character is about to be no more. He really pulls every stop in his performance. Over the top? What top? I can't see it from up here.

June 10, 1970
Taped on this date: Episode 1038

1970PT.  Quentin abandons Maggie, thinking she’s a witch. She calls for him, but with Angelique’s interference, he won’t return. Angelique commands Quentin to leave Collinwood, and then plots for much, much more. Maggie finds the haunted pendant. “Alexis” comforts Maggie, and is “shocked” when Maggie explains that she’s compelled to do such odd things -- for instance, the pendant was ‘stolen’ from “Alexis.”  “Alexis” goes on to suggest that Maggie is under someone’s control, but tries to implicate Barnabas. Maggie suggests Hoffman and Roger as suspects, as well. “Alexis” will get to the bottom of it, but promises not to involve Quentin. In the Old House, Barnabas rises from his coffin to find Julia in Hoffman’s clothes. Thinking she’s come to kill him, Barnabas almost strikes until Julia convinces him that she’s legit. Barnabas is stunned that she killed her. Julia explains that it was stake-to-heart time. Barnabas is grateful with the longing glance that leads everyone on… especially Julia. Julia assures Barnabas that she’s eager to find out Angelique’s secret to life, as well as real intentions. Later, Julia appears as Hoffman to Angelique, reading tarot cards. When looking for her murderer, the Hanged Man comes up. It suggests Quentin, a possibility exacerbated by Cyrus’ notes. Angelique’s plans for revenge on Quentin involve “everything.” The witch then grows faint, asking for her father. When she comes to, she commands Julia to go to him, not understanding why her memory is fuzzy. Her father is causing this. Julia searches the phone book while Stokes prepares an injection for the body powering Angelique. Julia-as-Hoffman arrives, and Stokes tells her that there are fluctuations of the body involving the complete unknown, explaining things. Hoffman digs for details while Stokes suggests a tension between the body of the life force and Angelique. He shows her a body in suspended animation, struggling to get back the life force she’s given Angelique. It wasn’t removed completely. When the body uses her will, Angelique grows faint. The latest injection should sever the life force. But if the body dies, so does Angelique. Stokes then congratulates her for being a Collins-without-being-a-Collins. When Angelique alone represents the Collins family, Stokes will come into his own. Stokes also knows that Barnabas is the enemy. At Collinwood, Barnabas passionately states to Maggie that she is not a witch, and he’ll prove it to everyone. Giving a report to Angelique, Julia suggests that she make Stokes more welcome. Convince him she loves him more. And perhaps Stokes could tell her how to stop her attacks. She promptly invites Stokes over. At Loomis House, Barnabas has found a way to stop Angelique. If they destroy the body, Angelique will die. Stokes’ dinner trip will leave the body unguarded. Barnabas finds one of Will’s items: the blade that will end Angelique that night. Stokes arrives at Collinwood to an unusually obsequious Angelique. She implores him for him to separate her from the body. She threatens to change Collinwood. The Collinses, all of them, must be finished for their actions. Destroyed and disgraced. At Stokes’ lab, Barnabas marvels at how easy it is to finally defeat Angelique. They approach the body. Barnabas is struck by conscience at the thought of taking another innocent’s life. But it must be done. “It never ends when one begins to unravel evil,” Barnabas says before raising the blade.

We find a markedly different Barnabas than when he first arrived. He is truly a resolute knight for justice and kin. Man, Jonathan Frid gives the finest HENRY V of anyone’s career in this one. An unusually rich episode with dialogue that not only stops dancing around truths, it eloquently -- and sometimes violently -- embraces them. This is a Barnabas on the cusp of his first new love since Josette. It’s going be an emotional watershed. Like so many people say, “When you’re ready for new love, it will happen. This is a Barnabas who is ready. He is finally a suave, experienced agent of action for years. This is a Barnabas who is least likely to expect new love, which makes it inevitable. Watch him well; he’s on his way into the inferno.

It’s most importantly the day that, in 1966, the cast of DARK SHADOWS assembled to rehearse the stock footage inserts to be shot on the eleventh.

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