Monday, June 20, 2016

Dark Shadows: The Lunchbox. The dream is alive!

What kids of the Sixties would have killed for is now ours for the taking. Yes, as part of DARK SHADOWS' 50th anniversary, we can have our cake, eat it too, and do so out of the new lunchbox commemorating the series in retro style.

Feast yer eyes!

The lunchbox will debut at next week's 50th anniversary in Tarrytown from the fine folks at MPI. 

Side panel artwork.
How do you get in on the action if not at the 'fest? The lunchbox will be available on the MPI website after July 1 for $19.98 plus shipping.

If the artwork is familiar, it's because it come from artist Mark Maddox, who is behind meticulous depictions of some of Universal's classic monsters as well as the covers for Screem Magazine's 2012 coverage of DARK SHADOWS. Find out more about Maddox at his website.  

(There's no word yet on whether or not it contains a Blue Whale thermos.)

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