Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Podcast: Another Day, Another Dollar


In Big Finish’s thirteen-part DARK SHADOWS epic “Bloodlust,” Roger Carvalho played Collinsport towner, Benjamin “Frankie” Franklin, mine-worker and boyfriend to Kate Ripperton, messed-up editor of The Collinsport Star. Frankie was the everyman grounding the drama, and his relationship with Kate provided one of the emotional backbones to the serial.

Shortly after recording ”Bloodlust,” Roger left the country. Hopefully the two were not connected.

On Roger’s first visit back to the UK, I took the opportunity to catch up with him for a chat about Frankie, what he’s been up to since leaving us, and his involvement in the entertainment website and app Snoovies.

We had hoped to reunite him with Kate actress Asta Parry, but she had other ideas…

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