Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Podcast: MUSIC OF THE NIGHT, Part Two


Big Finish Productions co-producer and director David Darlington is also responsible for the sound design and incidental scores on the Dark Shadows audios. In 2013 he brought producer/singer/songwriter Sean McGhee on board to write character themes and songs for use in the audios. The three of us recently got together to discuss the music of DARK SHADOWS.

Sean McGhee and David Darlington.
In this second act, Davy tells me how Sean came to be involved in the DARK SHADOWS world and how the two of them worked together, and Sean explains the process in writing fictional songs. Davy also talks of his approach to writing his own DARK SHADOWS music and when to use Robert Cobert's cues. They each choose their favorite incidental musicians and scores. And they fill me in on how they worked together on singer Andrew Montgomery's solo album, songs from which appear on the Blue Whale jukebox.

The music from "The Phantom Bride", "Beneath the Veil," "The Enemy Within," "The Lucifer Gambit," "The Flip Side" and "Beyond the Grave" is available free on Soundcloud HERE.

Sean and @TweedySean and @artmagicmusic
Andrew Montgomery: and @andrewmonty
Big and @bigfinish
David Darlington: @deejsaint
Robert Dick: @RobertDick
The Collinsport Historical Society: @cousinbarnabas

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