Thursday, February 4, 2016

See You 'Round (Like a Record)

An interesting relic from the original production of DARK SHADOWS is up for auction on Ebay: A 33 1/3 record with music by composer Robert Cobert used during the show's 1840 storyline. This isn't a commercial release sold in stores, but a disc used during the actual production of the series to layer music into scenes.

There are four tracks on the record, slugged 316, 317, 318 and 319 on the paper sleeve. If these numbers correspond to the those accompanying "The Complete Dark Shadows Soundtrack Music Collection" compact disc release from 2006, then these are the selections you'll find on the album:

  • Poignant Bridge
  • Poignant Curtain
  • Cue #2 (J & H) Variation With Xylophone
  • Tremolo - Woodwinds To Sting

These tracks can be found on Disc 4 of the 2006 CD release.

The seller mentions in the item description that it was purchased in 1999 at that year's Dark Shadows Festival.

Via: Ebay 

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