Tuesday, January 5, 2016

NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS collectible "does not squeek"

DARK SHADOWS has produced some profoundly bizarre collectibles over the years. From the "Groovy Horror Heads" pillows made for the original show in 1969, to the blood bags used by WB to promote the 2012 feature film, you can always count on Collinsport to have uniquely weird exports.

Enter this ... thing. It's been posted for auction on Ebay, but even the seller doesn't really know what it is. "Beware the Night of Dark Shadows," the most frequent tagline used during the promotion of 1971's NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS, appears on the item's base. And the overall design looks vaguely like the art deco design featured in the "Miss Ghost America" publicity stunt attached to the movie.

Beyond that, who the hell knows? "The piece is made out of rubber," writes the seller. "It has a hole in the bottom and at the top, don't know if it was meant to be a squeek toy, but it does not squeek."

Angelique deserves better.

Via: Ebay

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