Monday, November 16, 2015

Watch the DARK SHADOWS revival with us!

Patrick McCray will be haunting Twitter on Friday, Nov. 27, bringing his latest DARK SHADOWS EXPERIMENT to the masses. (Editor's Note: You can read Patrick's introduction HERE.)

In the past, he's mainlined the entire original DARK SHADOWS television in increasingly shorter time spans, coming up with some fascinating takes on the series (my favorite is that Angelique is the true protagonist of the series, thanks to her driving involvement in every major conflict in Collinsport over the course of several centuries).

This month's experiment is a bit more modest: Patrick is watching all 12 episodes of the 1991 DARK SHADOWS "revival" series on Friday, Nov. 27. Beginning at noon, he'll be tweeting about the show and has invited you to join him.

Unlike the recent "binge" on the Decades Channel, there's no accompanying broadcast of DARK SHADOWS to help everyone participate. Patrick will be using DVDs, but Hulu has all 12 episodes currently streaming. The first three episodes are available for free, but a subscription is needed to access the remaining nine episodes.

The event kicks off at noon EST on Nov. 27 with the "pilot." I'll be posting hourly reminders throughout the day as we begin each new episode. Join us on Twitter to talk about the series. And don't forget to use the hashtag #DarkShadows on all of your tweets, otherwise we won't see them!

You can follow Patrick on Twitter @TheRealMcCray

Here's an episode schedule for Nov. 27:

Episode One: Convinced of an old Collins family legend of buried treasure, Handyman Willie Loomis accidentally releases vampire Barnabas Collins from his tomb. Barnabas introduces himself as a distant relative from England and begins to romance Victoria Winters, the new governess at Collinwood Manor. At the same time, the town of Collinsport is being upset by a series of deadly attacks.

1 p.m.
Episode Two: After being bitten by Barnabas, Daphne Collins dies and rises a vampire. Dr. Julia Hoffman discovers Barnabas's secret and offers to cure him of his curse.

2 p.m.
Episode Three: Dr. Julia Hoffman experiments to cure Barnabas of his vampirism. Professor Michael Woodard attempts to uncover the identity of the vampire.

3 p.m.
Episode Four: The ghost of Sarah Collins leads Victoria to her diary. An evil apparition of Angelique (nemesis from the past) begins to haunt Barnabas.

4 p.m.
Episode Five: Learning of Barnabas’ affection for Victoria, a jealous Dr. Hoffman decides to sabotage the progress of the cure for Barnabas.

5 p.m.
Episode Six: When a séance is held to contact the spirit of Sara, Victoria mysteriously vanishes. In her place appears a stranger from 1790.

6 p.m.
Episode Seven: Transported to the year 1790, Victoria meets the residents of Collinwood and becomes a tutor for Daniel and Sara Collins. Abigail Collins suspects Victoria of sorcery.

7 p.m.
Episode Eight: A jealous Angelique uses witchcraft to prevent the marriage of Barnabas and Josette Du Pres. A deadly duel ensues.

8 p.m.
Episode Nine: Josette Du Pres accuses Barnabas Collins of killing her true love. Abigail Collins enlists the aid of Reverend Trask to have Victoria Winters jailed for witchcraft.

9 p.m.
Episode Ten: The Collins Family mourns the apparent death of Barnabas as they move into the new Collinwood mansion. Barnabas rises as vampire.

10 p.m.
Episode Eleven: Victoria’s witchcraft trial begins. Angelique’s spirit seeks to prevent Barnabas from making Josette his vampire bride.

11 p.m.
Episode Twelve: Barnabas’ vampirism is discovered. Peter Bradford attempts to save Victoria from being hanged as a witch.

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