Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Big Finish forums return from the grave

Death was never a permanent thing on DARK SHADOWS. Sure, characters were dispatched with ruthless efficiency, but it was never long before the actors returned to the series in another role.

So it's fitting that Big Finish's forums, which were shuttered back in September, have unofficially returned from the dead. A website calling itself THE DIVERGENT UNIVERSE has ported over many of the discussions and topics from Big Finish's "official" site, and is currently parked at the url: notthebigfinishforum.freeforums.net (there's talk of maybe changing the address).

It's pretty clear that THE DIVERGENT UNIVERSE is the work of Big Finish's fans, who were taken by surprise at the sudden closure of the company's online forums. I don't know what the higher-ups at Big Finish will think about this enterprise. Hopefully they'll be flattered.


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