Thursday, August 6, 2015

Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp to party responsibly in September


I love Alice Cooper.

And I kinda like Johnny Depp.

Curiously, though, I'm driven to fits of rage whenever those three things occupy the same space. Which is unfortunately going to happen again soon, thanks to a project called the Hollywood Vampires.

The Hollywood Vampires used to be a kind of supergroup composed of guys like Alice Cooper, Keith Moon and Mickey Dolenz. And I say "kind of" because the "band" never sobered up long enough to record any actual music. The entire raison d'ĂȘtre for the Vampires was to destroy their livers, which is why the individual members went on to become one of two things: reformed alcoholics or corpses.

Since the production of the DARK SHADOWS feature film back in 2011, Cooper and Depp have been threatening to revive the Hollywood Vampires concept, this time with actual music. Because nothing screams "rock and roll" like a bunch of aging, sober rock stars teaming up with a bored actor. Remember, kids: party responsibly!

"We decided to put the band together and kind of celebrate all of our dead, drunk friends," the Coop told NME. "You know, all of our big brothers died at 27 years old. Jim Morrison, we toured with The Doors, and Jimi Hendrix was one of our best friends, and we drank with these guys, and Johnny Depp and I were doing that movie DARK SHADOWS, and we decided that one night we were gonna go to the 100 Club and just be a bar band."

It's weird how every rock star wants to go back to being a "bar band" once they've got a few million dollars in the bank.

The album also features Joe Walsh, Robbie Krieger, Paul McCartney and (for some reason) Kip Winger. Look for it to be released on Sept. 11, a date set by marketing people with incredibly short memories.

Source: NMW

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