Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New DARK SHADOWS collection focuses on Angelique

(UPDATE #1Amazon has set an Aug. 18, 2015,  release date for DARK SHADOWS: BEST OF ANGELIQUE. You can pre-order it HERE.)

Later in 2015, MPI Home Video will be releasing a pair of "greatest hits" compilations for DARK SHADOWS. The first DVD, which was outlined here a few months ago, focuses on David Selby and his character, Quentin Collins. The second centers on Lara Parker and the scorned witch, Angelique.

While there's no date set for their releases, MPI has revealed which episodes will be included in these compilations. Hardcore DARK SHADOWS fans won't find many surprises here. Both discs will feature some of the show's very best moments, and will be of more interest to new and returning viewers of the series when it begins to air this summer on the Decades channel.

Conspicuously absent from the "Angelique" collection, though, is episode #1,198. When we polled our readers last year about their favorite episodes, this one ranked #7. It's Parker's last appearance on DARK SHADOWS and includes the death of Angelique. (Correction: I totally forgot about Parker playing "Catherine Harridge" in the final Parallel Time storyline.)

Episode #405 (where Angelique first puts the vampire curse on Barnabas Collins) was ranked #1 on our list. It's one of the nine episodes included in the "Best of Angelique" collection.

I've created a handy graphic to illustrate the episodes scheduled to be included on the DVD, which you can see at the top of the page. You can find a text summary of the "Best of Angelique" episodes below:

#368/369 : In the year 1795, vengeful witch Angelique arrives at Collinwood from Martinique.

#405: Angelique places a vampire curse on Barnabas Collins after he shoots her.

#477: In 1968, Angelique appears to Barnabas in a dream to announce a new vampire curse.

#499: An aged Cassandra arrives when artist Sam Evans alters the ancient portrait of Angelique.

#606: As a vampire, Angelique attacks Barnabas while he is again a mortal.

#852: In 1897, Angelique pursues a romance with Quentin, and Lady Kitty has a frightening dream.

#1003: During Parallel Time 1970, the evil Angelique poses as her twin sister Alexis.

#1130: In 1840, Angelique appears and announces that she is Barnabas' wife.

#1140: Angelique recalls when, as Miranda DuVal, she testified against the warlock Judah Zachary.


Unknown said...

Sorry to be "one of those guys", but #1198 wasn't Parker's last appearance in Dark Shadows. She subsequently played Catherine Harridge in the 1841 Parallel Time storyline and was present in the final episode of the show.

Unknown said...

D'oh! Thanks for the correction.

Unknown said...

It appears that these collections are not meant to completely satisfy one's appetite for the DS story, and therefore they wouldn't show the climax of various story arcs.

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