Monday, March 2, 2015

Lara Parker is reading "Angelique's Descent" for Audible

Lara Parker announced on Facebook over the weekend that she's in the studio reading a new adaption of her novel, "Angelique's Descent" for Audible.
"(I)t sure brings back memories, researching voodoo in Haiti and slavery in Martinique," she said. "I've done 300 pages so far, about 100 pages a day."
Audible is an Amazon-owned company that sells digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspapers. The Audible edition will be an unabridged reading of "Angelique's Descent." No release date has been announced.

An abridged reading of "Angelique's Descent" was released by Big Finish in 2007 in two parts. The first half, titled "Innocence," details Angelique's troubled childhood in Martinique. The second part, "Betrayal," deals primarily with Angelique's arrival in Collinwood, re-telling the 1795 from her point of view. The story also features a several original plot twists.

"Angelique's Descent" is probably the most popular of Parker's books and has been translated into several languages since its initial release in 1998. It was actually the first book in a series of DARK SHADOWS novels from HarperCollins, followed in 1999 by Stephen Mark Rainey and Elizabeth Massie's "Dreams of the Dark."

Rainey had completed a third book in the series, titled "Dark Shadows: The Labyrinth of Souls." The series was cancelled before the book was published, but Rainey has made it available to readers as free PDF and Kindle MOBI files at his blog.

Parker has since followed "Angelique's Descent" with the novels "The Salem Branch" and "Wolf Moon Rising." Both of these novels take place shortly after the end of the original DARK SHADOWS series in 1971.

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