Monday, January 12, 2015

DARK SHADOWS gets Sugarfueled

It's difficult to find really interesting artwork inspired by DARK SHADOWS these days. There's a lot of good stuff being done, but that's been the case since she show's heyday in the '60s. Short of H.R. Giger and Norman Rockwell returning to life and collaborating on a portrait of Roger Davis as "Dirk Wilkins," it's kinda all been done.*

This is probably why I so enjoyed seeing Michael Banks' interpretation, "Shadows of the Night," right. Inspired by the work of Margaret Keane, it manages to capture the damp melancholia of DARK SHADOWS without mocking its melodramatic trappings. It's a clever, sweet image.

Banks goes by the handle of Sugar Fueled online. If you want to grab a copy of "Shadows of the Night" for yourself, he has giclee canvas prints of this image available at his website.

(* I was going to go with ..."a nude portrait of Thayer David as "Matthew Morgan,"but decided against it.)

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