Monday, August 25, 2014

Help select the 5 best DARK SHADOWS audiodrams

Big Finish is helping to keep the DARK SHADOWS flame alive like nobody else. Since 2006, the company has been reuniting the show's cast through original audiodramas. They even managed to recruit actors from later incarnations of the series along with way, not to mention a handful of DOCTOR WHO veterans, as well. In 2010, Big Finish also managed the impossible when they conjured Jonathan Frid from retirement to play vampire Barnabas Collins for the first time since 1971.

In July, I asked you to name your 10 favorite episodes of the original DARK SHADOWS series, and the response was tremendous. I think everybody had a good time crafting their lists and discussing it with other fans. The results of that poll were sometimes surprising. While hardly scientific, I suspect the episodes chosen as the "10 Best" included more than a few "dark horse" episodes. So, let's see what happens when we try to determine the five best DARK SHADOWS stories told by the folks at Big Finish.

There was some criticism of the last poll directed at my choice of words. A few readers didn't like using the words "best" and "favorite" interchangeably, though I have trouble imagining the person who doesn't think their favorite episodes are the best. That's why we're running with the tag THE FAVORITE FIVE. All you have to do is e-mail the titles of your five favorite DARK SHADOWS audiodramas to my e-mail address in the top left corner of the page. Please label your favorite as #1, and so on.

While I won't be making individual votes public, you might want to identify yourself because the good folks at Big Finish are giving one lucky voter a free download of all 13 episodes of the forthcoming DARK SHADOWS: BLOODLUST serial due out in January. The winner will be selected at random from the voters participating in this poll. The episodes will be automatically moved into your download queue as soon as they become available to the public.

The contest begins midnight, Aug. 25, 2014, and ends midnight, Sept. 8, 2014. Start voting!

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David X Brunt said... see I am someone who doesn't think favourite and best are interchangeable (though I didn't complain). My favourite Bond film is Live and Let Die because it's just all sorts of fun but I would say that objectively The Spy Who Loved Me is the best film.

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