Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Holy shit: SEIZURE is coming to Blu-ray

Ladies and gentlemen, hell has frozen over. is reporting that Oliver Stone's first feature film SEIZURE is coming to Blu-ray. The 1974 film, which featured the last starring role of Jonathan Frid, is being released by independent distributors Scorpion Releasing, a company that appears tailor made for a bizarre cult film like SEIZURE. (UPDATE: It's now available for pre-order on Amazon.)
The release, which will be distributed by Kino Lorber, will feature a brand new HD transfer from the original U.S elements, as well as new interviews with stars Mary Woronov and Richard Cox.

The Blu-ray edition of SEIZURE is scheduled to be released Sept. 9.

SEIZURE has been in legal limbo for decades, and has become something of a "common law" orphaned film. It's possible someone, somewhere owns the rights to SEIZURE , but nobody has ever stepped forward to claim them. The DVD that's been available for the last few years is not only a bootleg, but also a rip from an earlier (and almost unwatchable) VHS edition. Scorpion Releasing might have untangled the film's draconian rights problems ... or they might have just said "fuck it, we're gonna release it, anyway."

If you're interested in the film, here are a few of the pieces about SEIZURE that have appeared here at THE COLLINSPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY over the last few years:

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  1. Great news. But if they don't fix that typo in Jonathan's name I will stalk them and kill them.


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