Monday, March 31, 2014

DARK SHADOWS news bulletins

* Will McKinley explains how he was introduced to DARK SHADOWS: “Son, you should video this movie,” my father said, handing me a copy of TV Guide and pointing emphatically to the VCR he had just bought – for $1,000 – as a family Christmas gift. “It’s based on a soap opera about vampires. I think you’d like it.” LINK

* I've been dragging my ass this month, and have completed a total of zero reviews of Big Finish's latest DARK SHADOWS releases. THIRD EYE CINEMA has a review of THE HAPPIER DEAD for your reading pleasure, though. The review is available HERE, while the episode, which features Stephanie Ellyne, Lisa Richards, Murray Melvin, Kathryn Leigh Scott and Nancy Barrett, can be purchased directly from Big Finish HERE.

* David Selby will be reuniting with his FALCON CREST co-star Susan Sullivan in a production of Edward Albee's A DELICATE BALANCE at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif. (Sullivan reportedly appeared uncredited as a ghost on DARK SHADOWS during the show's earlier years.) LINK

Donna McKechnie and Andrea McArdle.
* Broadway World has photos of Donna McKechnie ("Amanda Harris" on the original DARK SHADOWS) from her March 24 appearance in the "Broadway at Birdland" concert series. LINK

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