Friday, February 21, 2014

TGIF: Jonathan Frid in ROMEO AND JULIET, 1966

 Jonathan Frid and Lauri Peters in ROMEO AND JULIET, 1966.
In 1966, just two months after DARK SHADOWS debuted on ABC, Jonathan Frid appeared in the National Shakespeare Festival's production of ROMEO AND JULIET in San Diego's Old Globe Theatre. Frid appeared as Juliet's father, Lord Capulet, opposite Jon Voight and then-wife Lauri Peters in the title roles. Here's what the The San Bernardino County Sun had to say about the production in its Aug. 7, 1966, issue:
"The Capulet family relationship is rounded out skillfully by Jonathan Frid, the concerned father, and Terrence O'Connor, the indifferent mother. Anthony Zerbe gives Mercutio a nasal voice and all of his extensive acting skill. When he describes Queen Mab's fairy flight he almost waves a dream spell of his own upon the listener. Geer's portrayal of the good intentioned but bungling Friar is skillful, but mechanical. Imaginative lighting by Parker Young adds greatly to the dramatic meaning of many passages. Juliet wears a brilliantly lighted white robe and stands before a velvety black stage to say that Romeo is so wonderful, he should be cut out like little stars and hung in the heavens."
Jon Voight and Lauri Peters .
Jonathan Frid  and Terrence O'Connor.
Rehearsal scene from the 1966 production of ROMEO AND JULIET. Frid can been seen in the background.

 (NOTE: Many of the images used for TGIF: Thank God It's Frid-Day, are courtesy of Elena Nacanther, who is part of an effort to get Jonathan Frid nominated to Canada's Walk of Fame, a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization that recognizes Canadians who have excelled in music, sports, film, television, and other artistic endeavors. You can find the NOMINATE JONATHAN FRID TO CANADA'S WALK OF FAME Facebook page by clicking here. Please pay them a visit. You can see more selections from Elena's scrapbook each Friday here at the Collinsport Historical Society.)

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