Friday, February 21, 2014

Big Finish provides update on new DARK SHADOWS episodes

Big Finish has revealed the cover art and trailer for March's upcoming DARK SHADOWS audiodrama, as well as a few details about later releases:

DARK SHADOWS: THE HAPPIER DEAD is written by Adam Usden, a writer new to Big Finish.“I was thrilled when Joseph asked me to pen my very own Dark Shadows tale, and especially one with Amy Jennings,” says Usden. “She’s a wonderful character - bookish and brave, but maddeningly distrustful of those closest to her, which is unsurprising given all she’s been through. And since this is Dark Shadows, we’re going to make sure she goes through a lot more.”

Listen to the trailer by clicking HERE.

Big Finish also announced that Denise Nickerson, who starred in the original DARK SHADOWS TV series as the original Amy Jennings and famously played the vile Violet Beauregarde in WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (1971) will be starring as Elspeth Gardner in April's CARRIAGE OF THE DAMNED and June's THE DARKEST SHADOW.

Denise Nickerson
“Elspeth is an amazing character,” says producer, Joseph Lidster. “She's an actress of a certain age who finds herself caught up in two separate Dark Shadows adventures. We've always wanted to work with Denise and were really pleased that we could finally get her on board.”
The latest episode, THE HARVEST OF SOULS, stars Kathryn Leigh Scott as Maggie Evans, and is available now from Big Finish.

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