Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween in Collinsport
 A handful of DARK SHADOWS-themed Halloween costumes popped up in my various feeds late last week, some of them incredibly offbeat. When I dressed as Barnabas Collins a few years back (the costume was the traditional Frid-era vampire) I got recognized by a total of two people. I wonder how these folks fared with the public? Especially our own Marie Maginity as "Buzz Hackett," a character so obscure that the costume would probably stump most DARK SHADOWS fans. My favorite of the bunch, though, is Brennan Harke as "vampire victim" Maggie Evans, top.


Kathryn Leigh Scott just posted a photo of herself dressed as Maggie Evans during the recent DARK SHADOWS cruise that took place during Halloween. WIN!

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mark gillman said...

Thanks for posting Cousin Barnabas! Was recognized by 2 people also, but I had the best time! I was the Barnabas with the Jonathan Frid pic beside me. Love the great costumes! Especially Buzz and Maggie!

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