Thursday, November 21, 2013

DARK SHADOWS fan brings Collinwood to life

Think your custom-made Barnabas Collins costume is hot stuff? An unidentified Pittsburgh millionaire has raised the bar for DARK SHADOWS fans everywhere by transforming his home into Collinwood. The remodeling didn't stop with the exterior, either, which is based on the Rhode Island mansion used for exterior shots in the original TV series ... he also paid contractors to redesign the interior, bringing Collinwood's various sets to life. I'm going to raise a drink in this man's honor tonight.

The DARK SHADOWS fan spoke with a local CBS affiliate about the project, but declined to be identified. Thankfully, the contractors who helped bring Collinwood to life were a bit more forthcoming. Get a tour of the home in the video HERE, courtesy of KDKA. (I'd embed the video, but the code doesn't want to play nice.)




Jamie Pellerin said...

If I was rich I would so do this, then have lavish Halloween parties there every year for the fans.

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