Monday, October 21, 2013

TERROR BYTES: Horror news from around the web

HORROR IN CLAY is giving away a badass Cthulhu-themed prize pack this week. Among the prizes are:
  • A shirt to identify yourself as one of the “good” guys to other cultists!  No doubt its bold colours will help conceal their eldritch forms as they slowly morph into some hideous “other”. 
  • Extra long Cthulhu swizzles to help prepare concoctions both delicious and mind-altering (and can be used as letter openers or pokie sticks in a pinch).  
  • Finally, glory of glories, a nice discount on the Cythonic Chalice itself; one Horror In Clay Cthulhu Tiki Mug, with a coaster so you don’t leave rings on the dread altar or your kitchen counter.  
  • Also, a sticker. For sticking on stuff.
The contest ends Oct. 24, so hurry now! CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS.

Adorable photo of the day: Carol Marsh takes a tea break on the set of DRACULA, 1958. Via.

What's the best part about Halloween? The costumes? The candy? The sudden inclination for retailers to slash prices on horror movies to ridiculous degrees? For me, the latter is always pretty good. This month, Amazon has already put boxed sets of DARK SHADOWS, THE MUNSTERS and THE ADDAMS FAMILY on deep discount. Now, it's the Blu-ray collection of the first seven NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET movies. For the moment, the boxed set is on sale for just $25.99. VISIT AMAZON FOR DETAILS.

A reminder: RIFFTRAX will be doing NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD live on Oct. 24 in select theaters. Be there or be vaguely rectangular in shape. Visit Fathom for more details.

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