Saturday, October 19, 2013


OCT. 19: John Karlen is back in the hospital. Marie Maginity took to Facebook earlier this week to let people know about the change in his health, which she says was prompted by "bad eating habits." Karlen's son, Adam, delivered the news to her. It's unclear how long Karlen will be in the hospital but, when he's discharged, he will be returning to the rehabilitation center that treated him earlier this year.

OCT. 15: Actor John Karlen was temporarily hospitalized this summer at Studio City Rehabilitation Center in Los Angeles, and was discharged in September. CHS contributor Marie Maginity passed along an update on actor John Karlen on Facebook this weekend, saying:
Just got off the phone with his son, Adam. John is doing well in his new place, but is just as fiesty as ever. Adam tried to take him to the movies recently to see "Prisoners" but they had to leave half way through as Johnny wasn't feeling well. AK and I talked about the possibility of setting up a kind of celebrity chat web site where fans could talk live to their favorite actors. We're going to look into that. What do you guys think? Meanwhile, you may send your good wishes, cards and letters to

John Karlen
739 Tujunga Ave.
Burbank, CA 91501
If you've got any thoughts on the "chat site," please leave them below. Also, John Karlen fans out there will enjoy hearing that Marie's interview with the actor has become one of our most popular podcasts, and is now our third most downloaded episode after only a few weeks.

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Pansy Faye said...

Get well wish's John Karlen!!

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