Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Terror Bytes: Horror news from around the web

* AMAZON is selling the complete BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER box set today for just $59.99. The complete ANGEL collection is just $54.99.
 * People have been afraid of clowns for as long as there have been clowns. Today, as much as two percent of adults are afraid of clowns, according to a recent story from THE SMITHSONIAN.
"Adult clown phobics are unsettled by the clown’s face-paint and the inability to read genuine emotion on a clown’s face, as well as the perception that clowns are able to engage in manic behavior, often without consequences." MORE.

* A Sideshow Collectibles retailer is auctioning a rare 

* The first season of Stephen King's UNDER THE DOME is coming to home video in November. The Blu-ray release has a pretty neat package.

* Speaking of Stephen King, Mondo's poster for CREEPSHOW is pretty OK.

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