Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tony Peterson returns in THE PHANTOM BRIDE

BIG FINISH has released details about its next DARK SHADOWS audio drama, THE PHANTOM BRIDE, which sees the return of JERRY LACY and LARA PARKER to the series.

Here's the official synopsis:

In this latest story, Dark Shadows: The Phantom Bride by Mark Thomas Passmore, private detective Tony Peterson (Jerry Lacy) and the witch Cassandra (Lara Parker) are all out at sea. Their latest case sees them investigating a series of mysterious deaths on board a cruise liner. Tony and Cassandra were previously reunited in The Death Mask, with their adventures continuing in The Voodoo Amulet and The Last Stop.

“What begins with the apparition of a woman in a wedding dress leads to a series of gruesome deaths on board a transatlantic luxury liner,” says Passmore. “And if Tony and Cassandra don’t act quickly, there may be no one left alive when the ship docks in England…”

You can find out more about Tony and Cassandra in next month's free issue of Vortex magazine! He's a private detective and she's a witch - and when they get together it's murder...

THE PHANTOM BRIDE is scheduled to be released in May. Visit Big Finish for more details.

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