Thursday, April 11, 2013

Collinsport News Bulletins

You might have noticed there wasn't a podcast this week. Oddly enough, that's actually good news ... or will be in a week or so, when you get to hear the episode we've been building toward for more than a month now. The concept for the next episode grew so ambitious that it's required our complete attention and, when you hear it, I think you'll forget the temporary hiatus ever happened.

In the meantime, here are a few DARK SHADOWS related links you might enjoy.

* Nancy Kersey has uploaded a complete, two-hour performance of ARSENIC AND OLD LACE from 1986. The performance features JONATHAN FRID, Jean Stapleton, Marion Ross, Gary Sandy and Larry Storch (who's not as dead as you might have heard.)

You can watch Arsenic and Old Lace in its entirety on Youtube, and visit Nancy's blog to hear Frid discussing (and performing) Lady Macbeth's famous monologue.

* The CASTLE DRACULA PODCAST is in the middle of a series of discussions about the DARK SHADOWS movie series. They've already tackled HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS and plan to discuss its sequel in the next episode. Find them online HERE.

* Caryn Coleman at FANGORIA has an interesting write-up of 1976's BURNT OFFERINGS, Dan Curtis's directorial follow-up to NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS.

* David Selby's official website,, closes its online bookshop. Details.

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