Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mego-style DARK SHADOWS toys available in May

It looks like the long wait will finally be over in May.

After teasing an extensive line of DARK SHADOWS-themed action figures a few years ago at the San Diego Comic Con, the company released only three figures before disappearing. Spectre was even in the process of polling customers on which figures they'd like to next see added to the line (Dr. Hoffman was fairing well in the race, if I remember correctly) but then POOF! Nothing. The company's website disappeared and we heard nothing more about the project. At least we got action figures of Barnabas Collins, Angelique and the Collinsport Werewolf before things went tits up.

Then, last year, Spectre began to solicit new DARK SHADOWS toys online through websites like Entertainment Earth. The second wave of figures included Quentin Collins, Josette DePres and Willie Loomis, and were originally slated to be released around the time of last year's TIM BURTON movie. The release date for these toys was again delayed, this time until May, 2013.

So far, we've been given no reason to believe this date will be again delayed, but it's anyone's guess how many units of these toys are being produced. I've sold quite a few of these items on my site as "pre-orders" during the past six months, and it's not impossible that some of these toys will sell out quickly. The Barnabas Collins figure, for example, vanished from the market long ago, prompting Spectre Toys to add him to this second wave of toys.

That being said, you can still find the original Angelique and "Comic Con Exclusive" Werewolf figures for sale at retail price, but I suspect interest in the new line of toys will boost demand for those toys, as well. If you want any of these items, it's not a good idea to wait. The original Barnabas Collins figure has routinely been selling for several times its retail value since initially selling out, so procrastination will likely prove to be costly for DARK SHADOWS collectors.

Here are direct links for each DARK SHADOWS Mego-style toy:







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Anonymous said...

This is VERY cool! I hope I get a job soon so I can get a few!!

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