Monday, February 4, 2013


This week, the podcast again turns its unblinking eye toward last year's DARK SHADOWS film by Tim Burton. This time we're showcasing fans of the film, who discuss what parts of it worked, which parts didn't and the experience of dealing with angry "Dark Shadows Fundamentalists." The panel includes JESSICA DWYER, GEORGE CALTSOUDAS, BROOKE PERRIN and ALICIA BOSWELL, and a guest editorial from DAVID-ELIJAH NAHMOD.

This episode features HERE COMES TOMORROW by The Monkees, LUNEY TUNE by Alice Cooper, and a cover of NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN by Rachel Lambert.

Download the podcast as an MP3, or get it via iTunes.


  1. I sound weirrrrrd... like a white guy trying to fake an Indian accent or something :(

  2. I like all the points made and agree with everything that was said. Maybe it's just my own opinion coloring the conversation but it seems to me that even people who liked the movie wished it was more than we got.

  3. I'll admit I would have preferred a serious horror movie--I would have LOVED the film had the whole thing been like the brilliant pre-credit sequence. But I still enjoyed the film.

    With audio dramas, comic books & novels still being produced, the DS franchise is obviously alive and well.
    I've no doubt that eventually we'll get that serious film.

  4. Hey Cuz -- Can this be downloaded as an MP3? It's a lot easier for me to listen that way. Thanks!

    1. Hell, I forgot to post the download link. I'll fix it this evening, but in the meantime you can get the MP3 for free through iTunes. Just search for Collinsport Historical Society and you'll find every episode.

  5. (sigh) I'm a fundamentalist, now?

    I think I'll have to pass on listening to this. I already wasted too much time being furious in 2012.

  6. That's fair, I guess.

    But I think you're missing the point to this episode ... it's not about convincing anyone they're wrong about disliking the film (lord knows, I don't like it.) But there's been enough animosity among fans, and I wanted to remind people that we're not enemies. Just because someone likes the Burton film doesn't mean they're on the opposite side of the political aisle. Chances are, fans of the film LIKE the original series, too. They might even have discovered the original show because of the film.

    And YOU aren't the problem, Erica. The "fundamentalist" barb was meant more for people who post complaints on my Facebook page whenever the 2012 film is mentioned, as though I'm supposed to pretend it never happened. This isn't fair to the folks who like the film, and the rancor has been decidedly one-sided.

    Again, I'm not defending the film. I'm standing up for my readers, who have the right to like whatever they want without fear of being bullied. And I'd gladly do the same for you.

  7. Thanks, Cousin B. :-)

    I wasn't upset with you. I know where you stand with all this. Yeah... I know. We've all gotten too emotional about this damn film. Myself included. I do feel like something that means a lot to me was violated. But it was just a movie. It was just a TV show. I do have the sense to feel just a wee bit silly about my intense passion over the subject! LOL


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