Thursday, January 17, 2013

Podcast: Shadows and Bloodlines

This week, JESSICA DWYER leads a discussion about ... well, it was supposed to be about the role of women in horror, but the guests had other ideas. The real goal behind this podcast is to bring together interesting people and see (or, in this case, hear) what happens. It didn't take long for writers P.N. ELROD and NANCY KERSEY to decide they'd rather talk about DARK SHADOWS than anything else. Given my own habit of rambling on about all things Collinsport, I can hardly blame them. And I think you'll like the results.

This episode features the songs CAST A SHADOW by Cub, WITCHCRAFT by Book of Love, VAMPIRA by The Misfits and LAISSE TOMBER LES FILLES by France Gall.

Download the episode as an MP3 file HERE, or subscribe to it through iTunes.

1 comment:

Shadow Wolf said...

This is my fav podcast yet - really entertaining. These two are a hoot! I could have listened to them for hours. I hope that Kersey's collection of JF anecdotes is soon to be released. Can't wait!
Great work as usual Cousin Barnabas and Company.

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