Monday, January 21, 2013

Podcast: Doctor Mabuse

Director ANSEL FARAJ and actor NATHAN WILSON visit The Collinsport Historical Society this week to talk about their upcoming film, DOCTOR MABUSE. The feature film, set to premiere in April during a special event at Coronado Island, Calif., also stars DARK SHADOWS alumni JERRY LACY, LARA PARKER and KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT. Introduced in 1921, Mabuse was one of the world's first great antiheroes, and the prototype for characters as varied as The Joker, Hannibal Lecter and pretty much anybody that ever crossed swords with James Bond. The character has since dropped off the cultural map for all but the most hardcore film enthusiasts and, in this episode of The Collinsport Historical Society Podcast, Faraj explains why he's so eager to re-introduce Doctor Mabuse to the world.

This week's episode includes the songs EVIL WILL PREVAIL by The Flaming Lips, and a cover of the Rolling Stones classic SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL by the Electric Hellfire Club.

Download the episode as an MP3 HERE, or subscribe to it through iTunes.

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