Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dark Shadows: Diary Postscript

I interviewed Maggie Evans this week.

Well, not Maggie Evans. It was KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT, actually. It was the second time we've talked on the telephone, and both times it was a little confusing to be speaking to a real person while having a fictional character's voice coming out of the speaker. I've interviewed a lot of people in the public eye over the years, from presidential candidates to musicians to criminals. Those people were all famous for being themselves, while actors are known for their roles (if they're doing their jobs right.) I don't get starstruck easily, but talking to Scott was a pretty amazing experience.

The Collinsport Historical Society is getting into the podcast game this week, and my interview with Scott will be featured as part of that project. The first episode is devoted to HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS, and we talk a little about when she was offered a role in the film, the movie's most notorious deleted scene and JOHN KARLEN's passion for entertaining the many fans that flocked to the shooting location. She's also got a new book coming out at Amazon in March, a comedy titled DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HEELS. It's available now for pre-order. Scott has also extended the signed holiday giftcard offer on her website.

Tuesday night, WILL McKINLEY, JESSICA DWYER and PATRICK McCRAY and I spent almost two hours talking about HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS, a conversation that wandered over all kinds of Collinsport ground. I'm in the process of editing my interview with Scott and the group discussion into a coherent podcast, and the whole shebang should be available as a free download by the end of the week.

Also, PATRICK McCRAY pointed me in the direction of a DARK SHADOWS blog that I hadn't seen. Lo and behold, the author had some very kind things to say about my website, so I thought I'd return the favor. Check out JOSETTE'S MUSIC BOX ... you won't regret it.

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