Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Victoria Winters by Bill Branch

Victoria Winters' messy backstory meant she was one of the few leads on DARK SHADOWS that never had a portrait created for her. Barnabas Collins and Angelique Bouchard Blair Rumson Collins Mellencamp both had two, while Maggie Evans/Josette DuPres technically had one.

BILL BRANCH corrected this oversite by creating a portrait of ALEXANDRA MOLTKE as Collinwood's original governess.

"This is a painting of Victoria Winters holding Josette’s Music Box and wearing the dress she wore during the masquerade party," Branch said. "I met Alexandra in the early '90s when she brought her son and guests to Delmonaco’s Restaurant on Wooster Street in New Haven, CT for her son’s Yale graduation party. I recognized her immediately while her party waited to be seated. She was very gracious autographing a notepad, then 20 minutes later signing Kathryn Leigh Scott’s MY SCRAPBOOK MEMORIES. She was fascinated by the book and flipped through it. I was in Heaven to have finally met her since at the time she did not attend Festivals. She was stunning and very sweet."

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! It really captures the way her hair used to fall.

    I always suspected there was a glamorous portrait of Elizabeth hanging behind a velvet curtain in some closed-off room, looking like the portrait of Gene Tierney in "Laura." She'd have shut it away so it wouldn't remind her of the happy life she could have had but never did.


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