Thursday, November 29, 2012

Squirrels in the Park

Ever see a newspaper photo and wonder "Why the hell did they print THAT?" Local television news has an allotted amount of time to do their job, but newspapers have to fill a news hole that's determined by however many ads are sold for that issue. If the ad department gives you 30 pages of ads and you only have 20 pages of content, you have to come up with something to fill the empty space ... whether it's interesting or not.

This leads editors to send out photographers to get photos of whatever. Those in the business have come to call these "Squirrel in the Park" photos because that's often all there is to take pictures of. It's been a slow news day so, in the spirit of desperate journalism, here are a few Squirrels in the Park (gleaned from Tumblr.) The Charlie Brown/Barnabas Collins sketch is mine, though.


One big room, full of bad bitches.

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