Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"I Survived Collinwood"

Bill Branch didn't let 1995 pass with comment. In the original DARK SHADOWS television series, Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman traveled to Collinwood in 1995 to find it had seen better days. When the 1995 Dark Shadows Festival rolled around, Branch created the art you see above, which he wore on a t-shirt.


  1. The set-crew did a great job making Collinwood looking like it had been torn down and abandoned for years. I love the look of that set.

  2. So many Wonderful posts... I will "bookmark" and return later ... I have beside of me (as was shown on the Scifi Channel) 36 6hour tapes with all but a few of the commercials removed.... sitting beside of me at present.... Great blog and Devoted to Only Dark Shadows... And you do such a great job at having created an enjoyable place to just "escape from your cares" ... and venture off to the Old House... and Josette's Music box plays somewhere in the distance...
    Thank you for lifting our spirits ...!!!

    1. Thanks, Doc!

      I posted a link to "B is for Barnabas" on the CHS Facebook page, btw. It's always nice to meet another Dark Shadows fan.


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