Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Barnabas Collins by Lyddie Violet

Lyddie Violet has created some amazing dolls, which you can see over at her Flickr stream. There are a lot of Tim Burton-inspired dolls featured there, including an interpretation of vampire Barnabas Collins. I'd love to see a stop-motion animated DARK SHADOWS series done in this style.

"I picked a Taeyang (a kind of Asian fashion doll) doll Nosferatu to re-style him as Barnabas," Violet said. "First I had to change his eye chips and wig. I bought a new wig and then set it for him. After, a necklace and a walking stick were needed. Finally, it was time to make some outfits for Barnabas! I chose two outfits that appeared in the movie, one was a set of ancient costume and another was a set of indigo suit. I kept Taeyang Noferatu’s shirt, scarfs and shoes so I didn’t have to worry about making too many stuffs. That’s all!"

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