Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dark Shadows DVD/Blu-ray specs

DARK SHADOWS is coming to DVD and Blu-ray Oct. 2, the first of three DARK SHADOWS films to hit home video in October (HOUSE/NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS will be released Oct. 30.) The U.S. edition of DARK SHADOWS looks to be less extravagant than the Japanese edition, but will feature a handful of deleted scenes and featurettes.

Special features include:
  • Maximum Movie Mode, viewable during the feature or in nine individual Focus Points:
    • Becoming Barnabas
    • Welcome To Collinsport!
    • The Collinses: Every Family Has Its Demons
    • Reliving a Decade
    • Angelique: A Witch Scorned
    • Alice Cooper Rocks Collinsport!
    • Dark Shadowy Secrets
    • A Melee of Monstrous Proportions
    • Dark Shadows: The Legend Bites Back
  • Deleted scenes:
    • “Dr Hoffman and Elizabeth Discuss Barnabas”
    • “David and Barnabas Discuss Dinosaurs”
    • “Carolyn and Victoria”
    • “Girl Talk”
    • “Police Warn Willie and Barnabas”
    • “Dr Hoffman Offers Victoria Help”


David Elijah Nahmod said...

I heard that all those extras are on Blu Ray only. Do you know if that's true?

Erica said...

Wish they'd deleted a few more scenes. Oh, like the ones between the opening and closing credits. :-)

Cousin Barnabas said...

It looks like that's the case:

Cousin Barnabas said...

I'm interested in seeing the deleted scenes, just so we can see why Burton thought the movie's "romance" only needed 10 scenes featuring the romantic leads together. Seems like an odd creative choice.

Anonymous said...

I was really hoping for some more footage of Frid, et al. from the party.

retzev said...

Leave it to the Japanese, man.


Pardon me.

This saga just keeps getting sadder :]

I'll get the Japanese version, I don't mind. I'll get the US version, I'll be a team player. . Hopefully it will have a thing or two any other regions lack.

I'm really surprised at how little WB thinks of this franchise.

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