Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Grayson Hall Blog-a-thon: Endcap

The Grayson Hall Blog-a-thon has come to a close. I'd like to thank everyone who joined yesterday's choir to sing the praises of an actress whose talents were sometimes under appreciated (at least by some Dark Shadows fans.) "Mom would be delighted, and slightly mortified, but delight would win out," her son, Matt, said yesterday on his blog.

Contributions to the blog-a-thon appeared throughout the day, so if you tuned in early, you might have missed a few items. I certainly did, and have revised the blogroll this morning to reflect contributions of R.J. Jamison and Jessica Dwyer. Please visit these websites and leave a few comments for the writers.


The Collinsport Historical Society
Jonathan Frid was the face of Dark Shadows, but Grayson Hall was it's soul. Even though nobody ever made action figures or board games baed on her characters, Dark Shadows wouldn't have been the same without her.  Plus fan art, vintage newspaper clippings about Hall's stage career and more throughout the day!

The Performance Art of Grayson Hall: Life On Two Levels
Using lines from her Oscar-nominated film Night of the Iguana as thematic bookends, Frank Jay Gruber discusses the differences between Grayson Hall’s film and television performance styles, and why each is distinct and memorable.

The Collins Foundation 
"If you have to choose between real and interesting, choose interesting.” According to Patrick McCray, Grayson Hall gives us both in Dark Shadows.

The Classic Movie Lady
At age 13, Sidney Weade's favorite actress was Grayson Hall ... and she had never seen Dark Shadows.

The Drawing Room (Home of the Dark Shadows podcast)
On the latest installment of The Drawing Room podcast, Chrissy recites her poem, Ode to Hoffman, 1967, which celebrates Grayson Hall’s contribution to the early episodes of Dark Shadows. The poem is also available to read at the website.

Barnabas & Company
S. R. Shutt shares his thoughts on the artistry of Grayson Hall, playfully inspired by Wallace Stevens’ short verse cycle, Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird

Dead Celebrity I will Sorely Miss of the Day – The Grayson Hall edition
The "hopelessly unhip blogger and bikini model" says Grayson Hall was the "BADDEST VAMPIRE LOVIN’ FOX THERE WILL EVER BE."

7 or 8 things I know about Her
Biographer R.J. Jamison summarizes the mystique of Grayson Hall

Hoffman/Lambert: The Doctor and The Vampire
Jessica Dwyer talks about women who are drawn to the dark side, and what Julia Hoffman's character has to say about that strange fascination.

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