Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dark Shadows: The Next Generation

Did you ever see something that was such a great idea that you're resentful you didn't think of it first?

Those were the emotions I was grappling with this week as I discovered Dark Shadows: The Next Generation on Twitter. Taking a cue from the hilarious Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 8, DS:TNG is a Twitter feed that speculates where Dark Shadows might have gone had it escaped cancellation in 1971.

So far, fanciful story arcs have included Quentin's marriage to a mermaid, an elevator leading to "Vertical Time" and Jonathan Frid taking advice from Robert Goulet's stylist (see the photo to your left.)

Dark Shadows: The Next Generation is the brainchild of Patrick McCray, who may or may not have been driven insane by his marathon viewing of all 1,225 episodes of Dark Shadows.


dmontgomster said...

Maybe he took some time out to watch the revival of Dallas on TNT, where the kids of Bobby and JR have grown up and joined the family battles, because it sure fired me up with the thought of, "What if the 1991 revival had picked up with the original characters, and brought in younger characters to play their children, and take the show in different directions"?

Russ Williams said...

Many fans have already written post 1971 sagas, so it's not exactly original.

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