Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hipster Douchebag Collinwood Haiku

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  1. Hey Cousin Creep!! I read (probably in one of Kathryn's books) that Jonathan Frid absolutely hated the violence and blood that Dan Curtis put into House of Dark Shadows and that is why he refused to do the sequel.(He said in an interview that his dislike of such things is what helped him turn Barnbas into the "vampire with angst". Turner Classic Movies ran HODS a few weeks ago and they listed it TVMA for Sex and Violence....(I loved the movie...I believe everyone in the Collins family died except for Elizabeth (comatose), David and Quentin (who was in hospital in real life at the time with appendicitis..). When they release the movies on DVD, Warner Bros. is supposed to restore Night of Dark Shadows (YES, they DO have the original director's cut!)..I have a copy of the script and it really helps to skim through it before you watch NODS..But with the restored version being released, we can finally enjoy the 35 minutes they made Dan Curtis cut out of it overnight!! Kathryn isn't sure of the exact release dates for the DVDs; she said sometime in autumn of this year (she hopes).. Wolfgirl


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