Monday, May 14, 2012

The grave(s) of the (other) real-life Barnabas Collins(es) ... redux

Being engaged to a librarian has its humbling advantages. I recently posted a news story about the grave of a man named Barnabas Collins, and was mildly proud of having found this little nugget. And then the future Mrs. Cousin Barnabas laid the academic smackdown on me and sent me information about three more grave sites of men named "Barnabas Collins." And she probably wasn't even trying hard.

Barnabas Collins passed away in 1846 and is buried in the Collins Cemetery in Ferrisburg, Vermont.

 Barnabas W. Collins passed away in 1930 and is buried in Union Cemetery in Ferrisburg, Vermont.

There is also a third Barnabas Collins, who died in 1888 and is buried in St Andrew Churchyard in Suffolk, England. There was no photo available of the gravesite for this Mr. Collins, though.

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