Friday, April 13, 2012

Joan Bennett Week: When life imitates Dark Shadows

After spending this week delving into the newspaper morgue of The Collinsport Historical Society, I'm no longer sure where Joan Bennett begins and Elizabeth Collins-Stoddard ends. Example 1, here's a newspaper clipping from the March 12, 1932, issue of The Palm Beach Post.

Pretty harmless stuff, right? I like the insinuation that Bennett might have lied about her age, and the bitchy way the story refers to her father's work on the "legitimate stage." Also, that family tree is pretty amazing.

Her first husband, John Fox, didn't take well to her new marriage. Here's a newspaper clipping from Jan. 16, 1940, as it appeared in The Evening Independent, detailing a suicide attempt years later by Fox following her marriage to Walter Wanger.

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