Saturday, April 14, 2012

Joan Bennett Week: Random News Clippings

Joan Bennett Week is wrapping today. I've still got a handful of items to post, but some of them are a little ... odd. Celebrity in the Golden Age of Hollywood was a lot less sophisticated in those days, with names and likenesses often tossed around for no good reason. Above is a newspaper clipping from 1939 that uses a photo of Joan Bennett to illustrate a column on beauty tips.

Next is a clipping that I'm hesitant to use. It goes into unnecessary detail about the alleged nature of Bennett's relationship with Jennings Lang, who was shot by her then-husband in a jealous rage. You can read more about it HERE. Note the appearance of Marlon Brando in this clipping.

And last are two clippings about the opening of Trade Winds from February 1939, a film produced by her then- husband Walter Wanger, with script contributions from Dorothy Parker. I like to think that Dorothy Parker would have loved the show that Dark Shadows turned into.

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