Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A tribute to Pansy Faye

 And now, for something completely different ...

Dark Shadows has one of the largest cast of characters ever seen on a television program. The show's fleeting time streams give fans a lot of territory to explore, and we often come away with radically different ideas of what works and what doesn't. Even Dark Shadows' original tiny songstress Pansy Faye, the woman of 1,000 songs, has her fans. She's certainly not my favorite character on the show (she's not even my favorite character played by Nancy Barrett) but she has her admirers, among them is an artist who goes by the handle Enamorte. That's her artwork above, taken from her DeviantArt website.

Next is Pansy Faye as she'd look on South Park, from the frequently amazing website Willie Loomis Saves Collinsport. The site has a TON of other South Park-styled Dark Shadows (seriously ... I weighed them.) Go see them for yourself! They'd make great Facebook icons.

In case you thought Pansy Faye's following was a quirk of fandom, Big Finish also revived the character for one of its audio dramas. The Poisoned Soul features Nancy Barrett as Charity Trask who, if you recall, was possessed by the spirit of Pansy Faye. I actually haven't heard this particular episode, but I suspect the song "I'm Going to Dance For You" features prominently.

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Efe X said...

Those South Parkified characters are simply amazing. Thanks for sharing~

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