Monday, March 26, 2012

Kathryn Leigh Scott cries foul
over L.A. Times article

Kathryn Leigh Scott, one of the original stars of Dark Shadows, has taken issue in a recent L.A.Times story by Geoff Boucher.
Tim Burton, director of the new Dark Shadows film, is quoted in the story as saying the original show "was actually awful," but Scott says the negative tone of the story was the work of the story's writer, not the filmmaker.


"To begin with, four of us from the original television series (Jonathan Frid, Lara Parker, David Selby and I) were on the Pinewood set filming cameos at the same time this Los Angeles Times reporter was visiting the studio. The unit publicist introduced Lara and me to Geoff Boucher and we chatted for several minutes. How strange that in his article, Boucher implies that the producers are distancing themselves from the original when four original cast members are in the new film!"
 She goes on to say:

"Boucher refers to “Dark Shadows” as “this monster mash of a show that attracted fringe taste, which is why it attracted the young outsiders who would be called goths today.” Huh? In fact, “Dark Shadows,” “awful” or not, attracted some 20 million mainstream viewers in its heyday and has earned the undying devotion of legions of fans worldwide. That’s a lot of fringe-taste goths, Mr. Boucher!"

Read the entire piece HERE.

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Erica said...

Here is the email I sent to the L.A. Times Calendar letters: "Re: Geoff Boucher's 'Undying Quirk': Fringe taste? Goths? Truly weird? It seems that Mr. Boucher has as much disrespect for the original and much-beloved cult classic "Dark Shadows" as Tim Burton, who has make a mockery of the series and reduced its poignant protagonist to a buffoon in clown makeup."

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