Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Erica and David, sitting in a tree ...

I've met a fair number of celebrities in my time (I've touched Chad Everett!) but haven't met any of the cast of Dark Shadows face-to-face. So I always get a kick out of pictures of the cast meeting their fans. Unlike a lot of television actors, the original cast of DS seems to actually LIKE their following.

Erica sent me this photo and I thought I'd pass it along (I think it speaks for itself.) If you're one of those types who clicks on the links I post in these entries, I'm going to go ahead and answer your question: Yes, I've seen her blog. And it brought a smile to my face.

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Cousin Barnabas said...

Your humble moderator screwed up this morning and pressed "reject" instead of "publish" on a comment from this post. It was from Erica, the woman pictured above with Quentin ... Blogger doesn't archive rejected comments (which doesn't make much sense) but I received a notification in my e-mail which is still safe. Here' what she said about the photo:


LOL! I love this; thank you!

The photo is from the Dark Shadows festival 2010. All the stars had autograph tables, but David's was the only one where the line wound around and around the lobby. I went and got my program signed by nearly everyone else while my boyfriend held my place in David's line.

The kiss was a split-second "oh, just do it" decision on my part. I could hear David laughing. But my bf said he also had kind of a deer-in-headlights look, his eyes flickering down that loooong line of women. He could almost hear him thinking, "Oh gawd, now they're ALL gonna want to kiss me!"


Sorry about the "comment" error, Erica!

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