Wednesday, March 28, 2012

David Selby: Best Actor/Villain Nominee

I'm not entirely sure where this came from or when it was published, but I suspect it was torn from an issue of Soap Opera Digest back in the '80s. David Selby found a great deal of success in evening soap Falcon Crest and, as you can see in this clipping, his connection to Dark Shadows was far from forgotten.


Erica said...

What a great find!

I wonder if Night of Dark Shadows was left off his bio deliberately? The butchered version was so roundly panned. As much as I adore David Selby, I watched NODS and couldn't get into it at all. Perhaps the upcoming restored version will set the record straight.

Cousin Barnabas said...

It's likely that nobody involved in the final cut was happy about Night of Dark Shadows. I don't know when and where this clipping came from, but fans at Selby's Facebook page are speculating it's from 1985/86.

I gave NoDS another go 'round a few weeks ago, and there were parts I enjoyed but it never really jelled as a film. It doesn't help that it uses so many character names from the TV show without actually using any of the characters.

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