Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dark Shadows concept art ... and the movie's logo?

Screenrant has a few photos from the Tim Burton Expo at La Cinematheque Francaise in Paris (first mentioned HERE) that shows a concept painting of Barnabas Collins. Also on display is the first possible look at the movie's logo. While this art might be nothing more that a prototype, we're bound to find out soon. With the release of these new images a trailer can't be far behind.

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Anne with an E said...

Dear Cousin Creep,
I DO like the way Burton "recreated" the now classic photo of the Dark Shadows TV cast. Since he has "streamlined" the story (a definite necessity) there is no Maggie Evans and I will miss her. But there is Barnabas and Angelique and from everything I have read, they are at WAR! Could be quite fascinating and violent and even funny in an eerie sort of way. I love the Depp/Burton collaborations and this one should be no exception!! They definitely have a strong history to draw from and a VERY original cast of characters-- I mean, how many ended up at Windclyffe Sanitarium at one time or another?? Just watching my map of March, hoping it will soon be a map of April and then voila! May 11, 2012 will be here!!

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